26 October 2015

Abbey of Pontlevoy

1 Place de College, Pontlevoy, 41400 France

The Abbey of Pontlevoy, a national historical monument situated in the Loire Valley, was constructed in 1034. In 2001 the Abbey was acquired by the European American Center for International Education Association (“The Eur-Am Center”). The Eur-Am Center aims at developing and putting programs in place that favor the growth of international education, cultural tourism, and economic development from Europe to the United States. The Abbey offers a unique educational setting due to its rich history, traditional French gardens, and boasts a variety of architecture, including the renowned chapel and the main abbey building. The Eur-Am Center hosts different American and European universities and associations, conferences, seminars, festivals, expositions and concerts throughout the year so that students, faculty, professionals, entrepreneurs, tourists, and artists will be able to make connections with others throughout the US and France thereby enriching their experience.

25 September 2015

Château Loire

1 Place de College, Pontlevoy, 41400 France

Welcome to The Château Loire, the Loire Valley’s premier resort. Surrounded by world famous castles such as Chenonceau, Cheverny, Chaumont and Chambord, this unique and exceptional world historic monument is the ideal location for your upcoming trip!

Royalty, presidents, prime ministers, celebrities and Nobel Prize winners are among our distinguished guests who have lived and/or stayed at our legendary resort.

26 October 2015

La Cure

9, rue de la Cure 41400 PONTLEVOY, FRANCE

Set in the heart of the renowned Loire Valley of France surrounded by world-famous châteaux lies an exquisite boutique hotel built in the 17th century: La Cure Chambres d’Hôtes. This 4-star dreamlike getaway contains luxurious bedroom suites, all decorated by a world-famous interior designer and superbly furnished in grand historic décor with deluxe washrooms and vanities.
26 October 2015

The EUR-AM Center

1, Place du College 41400 Pontlevoy France

The European-American Center for International Education (The Eur-Am Center), a non-profit organization established in Euram Center 2001, owns and operates the historic Abbey of Pontlevoy. The Abbey of Pontlevoy is located in the heart of the famous Loire Valley, a lush and green region in central France that is known for its wine and breathtaking landscapes. Programs and events hosted at the Abbey are enhanced by the Eur-Am Center’s desire to create an environment of cultural growth and educational inspiration. It has become a site where tradition and progress intertwine to promote awareness of the 'living heritage' shared by all who gather within the Abbey's domain while nurturing endeavors of the highest and noblest order from its solid historical foundations.